Find real relief from dry, red, fatigued eyes caused by skin and eyelid inflammation.

Do you suffer from dry, red, tired or burning eyes?  It might be caused by skin and eyelid inflammation. This common condition affects millions of Americans every year; in fact, over 85% of skin and eyelid inflammation patients also suffer from inflammatory ocular conditions, such as dry eye.

Have you been frustrated with the need for frequent eye drop use in your attempt to control your symptoms?  At Lakeside Eye Care, we offer a revolutionary treatment using IPL technology to get rid of the root cause of your dry, red, fatigued and burning eyes and help your eyes feel calm and clear – while reducing your dependency on eye drops.

How does it work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, a light-based technology commonly used for various skin conditions, including rosacea and discoloration. During the procedure, a strategic level of light pulses is administered to penetrate your skin and target the root cause of the inflammation. As the IPL treatment treats your overall skin appearance, your eyelid inflammation is treated and improved as well. IPL procedures are highly effective, gentle and safe.

At Lakeside Eye Care,  Dr. Sebastian Mirabal uses the advanced Lumenis M22 IPL technology, trusted by leading professionals around the world and FDA cleared for over 20 different skin indications.

Benefits to IPL Treatments for Dry Eye:

  • Treats the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms
  • Provides long-term relief
  • The procedure is safe, comfortable and quick, with no downtime
  • Reduces your dependency on eye drops

This treatment is safe, with no discomfort or downtime, and will improve the comfort of your eyes and the clarity of your vision.

Corneal Graft Bandage

Corneal ulcers are serious and urgent clinical problems that can be complicated by microbial infections and threaten patient’s vision. Corneal ulcers can be caused by various insults for example a chemical burn, infection, moderate or severe dry eye, diabetes mellitus, viral infection, and autoimmune disorders, which have the common denominator – neurotrophic keratopathy.

When all other medical treatments fail and the ulceration persists, suture-less amniotic grafts are used to promote heathy tissue growth. Failure to treat corneal ulcers properly can result in permanent scaring that will lead to vision impairments .

Oculus Keratograph

Non-invasive keratometric tear breakup time

We perform non-invasive tear analysis as part of our baseline Dry Eye diagnostic evaluation as well as for symptomatic and clinically significant dry eye disease cases. Along with other diagnostic tests and subjective dry eye history, it allows us to more accurately diagnose dry eye disease as well as to pre-determine which patients may be at higher risk to experience dry eye symptoms.

Non-invasive tear meniscus height measurement with Oculus Keratograph.

When utilizing the Oculus Keratograph software for non-invasive keratometric tear film breakup time (NIKTBUT), the computer analyzes the reflected Placido ring mires and accurately measures the breakup time throughout the surface measured. Detailed time measures of localized tear breakup are recorded to the 0.10 of a second. Breakup times of greater than 14 seconds are considered normal, those between 13 and 8 seconds are considered borderline, and those that are 7 seconds and below are considered abnormal. A cluster of at least four points with reduced NIKTBUT is considered clinically significant. The system allows you to show a video representation of the measurement in real time in which red spots form over the corneal image as the tear film breaks up at that location

The First and Only FDA Cleared, Non-Mydriatic, Hand-Held, Full-Field ERG Device

Portable, powerful ERG testing in the palm of your hand. Easily integrates into your current workflow.

RETval is efficient and intuitive to administer, requires minimal (if any) changes in workflow, and allows physicians to perform visual electrophysiology testing almost anywhere.

Utilizing a miniature integrated Ganzfeld with multiple flash and flicker protocols RETeval provides an objective, robust assessment of retinal function.

Now, thanks to BlephEx™, your eye doctor can precisely and safely, clean and exfoliate your eyelids and lashes, which will almost immediately improve your symptoms. More importantly, by completely removing the exotoxin-laden biofilm along the lid margin, your doctor can help you avoid the long-term inflammatory damage to your tear glands, preventing chronic dry eye syndrome.


Diabetic Retinopathy

CIRRUS HD-OCT 5000 is configured with the highest resolution visualization capabilities and sophisticated clinical applications such as Advanced RPE analysis to track retinal pigment epithelial integrity and Ganglion Cell Analysis to assess glaucomatous loss in the macula that may not be evident in the peripapillary region. The new FastTrac™ retinal tracking reduces eye motion artifacts without sacrificing patient throughput with a proprietary scan acquisition strategy, high speed 20 Hz LSO camera, and single-pass alignment scanning. This feature enables the highest resolution B-Scans to be captured in identical locations from visit to visit providing precise assessment of change in targeted pathologies.

CellChek XL Specular Microscopes

Konan specular microscopy is an invaluable tool to screen contact lens wearers and evaluate corneal diseases as such as Fuchs’ Dystrophy, keratoconus, other corneal dystrophies, and trauma.

Cataract Surgery and Premium IOLs

Low endothelial cell counts and preexisting dystrophies can markedly reduce the potential for positive surgical outcomes from an otherwise uneventful cataract surgery. Surgeons are finding these data points critical when recommending premium IOLs: verify and document pre-operatively that the cornea is not suspect to more likely post-op complications difficult to explain with the investment in premium IOLs.

The Q-2100TM Digital Lens System with nanoCLEARTM AR, is an improved method of making lenses with tighter tolerances and enhanced visual clarity. The proprietary digital process uses free form generated molds to create a finished Rx direct from liquid plastic, eliminating the need to cast a semi-finished blank that is later surfaced to the final prescription. The technology allows for the production of a full line of high index lenses in office, with or without anti reflective coating, while providing improved service and customer satisfaction.

While eye exams generally include a look at the front of the eye to evaluate health and prescription changes, a thorough screening of the retina is critical to verify that your eye is healthy. This can lead to early detection of common diseases, such as glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, and even cancer. The exam is quick, painless, and may not require dilation drops.

Equipped with an automatically rotating Scheimpflug camera the Pentacam® performs a complete measurement of the anterior eye segment in less than 2 seconds. A precise analysis of the central cornea is carried out in the process. During measurement extraneous eye movements are detected with a second pupil camera and automatically corrected during the calculation process. The software analyses and evaluates all the data acquired. These data then provide the basis for a three-dimensional model of the complete anterior eye segment.

With this type of technology we can catch and diagnose cataracts earlier then ever to help maintain the health of your vision.